Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pensil dan Pemadam

“Pensil dan Pemadam”

It’s really a new beginning~ im not a new blogger. And not an “old” too~ Life it self not like “Pensil dan Pemadam”. Once u make a mistake, then u can just erase it in ur life. It’s more complicated than that. I create this blog not for me, me and you, you. It’s me and u, that make the word “us”.

To be truth, I didnt hav a particular reason why I want a new blog~ it’s not like im giv up on everything in my previous blog. I just want a new beginning. This blog I create for my own life~ for my friend~ for my family~ and that make it, for “us”. Aku jarang menulis begini. Menulis tanpa mengunakan sudut orang ketiga. Just talk~ and bla bla bla.. but like I said, this is the new beginning.

A little privacy for me in this blog~

Dunia yang aku hidup sekarang ni,
Hidup yang jalani,
Setiap hembusan yang aku hela~
It’s make make the new me all the time.

U grow wiser from the stupidness u made~
U grow stronger from the hardness u take~
U grow matured from every single thing happen in ur life~
And that’s make u, u rite now~ isnt it?

Welll.. that goes for me too.

Every single grammar I type it wrong~
Every single word I spell it “up down”~
At the end, I just see “im glad, I made wrong in the past”

Because this is life. This is our life~ kita takkan boleh lari dari masa silam. Wherever u go, that’s story still ur own story. Not me, me~ but you, you. Accept it. Forgive it. Take it~ susahnya nak terima masa lalu, bukan pada peritnya masa lalu untuk dilupakan. Tapi pada hati yang ingin ditekan~ pada setiap rasa sakit masa lalu itu.

Kita bukan insan yang bertuah~
Tanpa calar pada hidup kita~
Tanpa parut yang terlakar~
Tanpa jalan yang tersalah~

Remember this~

Life its self is not like exam. When u answer it wrong, u failed. When ur answer is rite, u pass. It never been like that. Life always offer a chance and a new path. U take a wrong path, u still can rectified it. When u in a rigth path, there’s no guarantee u always in that path.

If U choose to study, that a wise decision. If U choose to work, that also a wise decision.

That ur own choice. We are who we are.

That’s us.

Believe in ur self. Everyone speacial. But the hard part is to identified what our speacialty and to accept our speacilty.

U may good at writng~
But u may not at lecturing~

U may good at talking~
But u may not at listening~

U may good at singing~
But u may not at reading~

To be “perfect” is not to be perfect.

That’s it. I done talking. Just bla bla bla~ but let us think. U and me~ adios^^